Yukarı Çık

Ankara Atilim University

Yalova University, on May 31, 2008 and 26892 data are published in the Official Gazette. The foundation of Yalova University is at Uludağ University Yalova Vocational School. Yalova University, which is a young and dynamic university in Yalova, started its educational activities in 2008.

The solutions that Yalova University's education policy needs for our country are for opening innovative departments. Yalova University is a rapidly growing new university. Yalova University is competing with established universities for a short period of time by working together with its achievements and differences among newly established universities. Our university aims to have pioneering, social and technical departments in the near future with its strong academic and experienced administrative staff, strong national and international economic and geographical advantage.

Undergraduate Programs

Faculty Department Language Years
SCHOOL OF ARTS AND SCIENCES English Language and Literature (Eng) English 4
Mathematics (Eng) English 4
Psychology (Eng) English 4
Translation and Interpretation (Eng) English 4
Fashion and Textile Design (Tr) Turkish 4
Graphic Design (Tr) Turkish 4
Industrial Product Design (Tr) Turkish 4
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Turkish 4
SCHOOL OF LAW Law (Tr) Turkish 4
Economics (Tr) Turkish 4
International Relations (Eng) English 4
International Trade and Logistics (Eng) English 4
Business Administration (Eng) Turkish 4
Business Administration (Tr) Turkish 4
Political Science and Public Administration (Tr) Turkish 4
Finance (Tr) Turkish 4
Public Relations and Advertising (Eng) English 4
Tourism Management (Eng) English 4
SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING Automotive Engineering (Eng) English 4
Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry English 4
Civil Engineering (Eng) English 4
Computer Engineering (Eng) English 4
Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Eng) English 4
Energy Systems Engineering (Eng) English 4
Industrial Engineering (Eng) English 4
Information Systems Engineering (Eng) English 4
Manufacturing Engineering (Eng) English 4
Mechatronics Engineering (Eng) English 4
Mechanical Engineering (Eng) English 4
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (Eng) English 4
Software Engineering (Eng) English 4
SCHOOL OF HEALTH SCIENCES Nutrition and Dietetics (Eng) English 4
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (Eng) English 4
SCHOOL OF CIVIL AVIATION Airframe and Powerplant Maintenance (Eng) English 4
Aviation Management (Eng) English 4
Avionics (Eng) English 4
Pilot Training (Eng) English 4

Tution Fee payments

Student can as 2 installments. The first Installment is 1000 USD.

Tution Fee Refunds

Pre-payment is refundable in case of visa rejection

Admission Dates

Applications will be accepted between 1 st of April and 31 th of August.

Apply this University directly via SOAM

The following documents are required to be sent via email to soam.educinfo@gmail.com

For Bachelor and associate Degree

  • Certificate
  • Transcript
  • Passport Turkish Language
  • Certificate