Yukarı Çık

Istanbul Arel Université

Arel College founded in the 1990-1991 school year has expanded its area of education with Arel Preschool, Arel Primary School, Arel Anatolian High School, Arel Science High School and Arel Sports and Culture Complex. After 26 years of educational excellence, Arel Educational Institutions has grown to offer higher education by founding Istanbul Arel University.

Istanbul Arel University was founded by the Kemal Gözükara Education and Culture Foundation in accordance with the Law No. 2809/5656-Annex.76 dated 9 May, 2007 published in the Official Gazette No. 26526 dated 18 May, 2007.

Istanbul Arel University has 6 Faculties; Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Faculty of Communication, Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Fine Arts and Faculty of Medicine, 3 Schools; School of Health Sciences, School of Applied Sciences, School of Foreign Languages, 3 Institutes (graduate and distance education master’s programmes); Institute of Sciences, Institute of Social Sciences and Institute of Health Sciences and 1 Vocational School.


Istanbul Arel University has 2 campuses and 1 sports and culture complex.

Biologie moléculaire et génétique (anglais)ANGLAIS4
Ingénierie informatiqueANGLAIS4
Ingénieur industrielANGLAIS4
Génie électrique et électroniqueANGLAIS4
Architecture intérieure et design environnementalANGLAIS4
Génie civilANGLAIS4
Relation internationaleANGLAIS4
Genie LogicielTURC4
Génie Textile et Fashion TURC4
Commerce et finances internationales (anglais)ANGLAIS4
Genie mécaniqueTURC4
Gestion dela logistique internationaleANGLAIS4
Télévision et CinémaTURC4
Sciences politiques et relations internationalesANGLAIS4
Administration des affairesANGLAIS4
Traduction et interprétationANGLAIS4