Yukarı Çık

Istanbul Gelisim Université

In 2008, "Gelisim Education Culture Health and Social Service Foundation" initiated to establish Vocational School named 'Istanbul Gelisim Vocational School' and started education life with Vocational School established by the Ministry of National Education and Council of Ministers on 14 June 2008.,

Istanbul Gelisim University was established with the step taken on behalf of becoming a "world university" with 3 Faculties, 3 Graduate Schools, 4 Schools and 1 vocational school in the 2015-2016 academic year with the law numbered 6114 dated 17 February 2011. Growing every year by making solid steps forward with the goal of becoming an arbiter university in the world Istanbul Gelisim University, one of Turkey's most preferred universities.

A total of 57 programs of Istanbul Gelisim University, which cooperates with leading organizations in their fields to achieve global success and attaches great importance to internationalization, have been examined in detail by international delegations commissioned by German, British and American accreditation organizations such as AQAS, AHPGS, ABET and PEARSON and accredited. Istanbul Gelisim University succeeding in becoming Turkey’s university with the most accredited programs has attracted worldwide attention with the steps taken to become international.

IGU, advocating that higher education is the most important tool for sustainable development, today it offers to its national and international students education opportunities in 3 Faculties, 3 Schools, 2 Vocational schools 78 bachhelor's Programs, 63 associate degree daytime programs, 37 associate degree night programs, 27 thesis / 22 non-thesis graduate programs, and 6 Ph.D. programs. Collaborating with more than 100 world universities, Istanbul Gelisim University motivates undergraduate, associate degree, graduate and doctoral students to become international.

Istanbul Gelisim University locates in Istanbul - Turkey’s and the world's financial and trade center- campus area, offering huge research complex consisting of over 100 laboratories to the service of its students. There are also 17 research centers and 78 student clubs that allow students to participate in social, cultural, scientific and sporting activities outside the classroom. Within the rapidly growing and developing dynamic structure of our university, our cooperation with our external stakeholders would make us happy.

Ingénierie informatiqueTURC4
Ingénieur industrielTURC4
Génie électrique et électroniqueTURC4
Economie et FinanceANGLAIS4
Architecture intérieure et design environnementalANGLAIS4
Langue et littérature anglaisesANGLAIS4
Génie civilANGLAIS4
Relation internationaleANGLAIS4
Service socialANGLAIS4
Commerce internationalANGLAIS4
Genie mécaniqueTURC4
Logistique internationale et TransportationANGLAIS4
Télévision et CinémaTURC4
La gastronomie et arts culinairesTURC4
Sciences politiques et relations internationalesANGLAIS4
Administration des affairesANGLAIS4
Nutrition et DiététiqueANGLAIS5
Physiothérapie et RéhabilitationANGLAIS6
Croissance infantileANGLAIS4
Sciences politiques et relations internationales (avec thèse) ANGLAIS2
Gestion d'entrepriseANGLAIS2
Administration des affairesANGLAIS2
Genie mécaniqueTURC2
Genie industrielTURC2
Génie électrique et électroniqueANGLAIS4