Yukarı Çık

Gelişim University

In 2008, "Gelisim Education Culture Health and Social Service Foundation" initiated to establish Vocational School named 'Istanbul Gelisim Vocational School' and started education life with Vocational School established by the Ministry of National Education and Council of Ministers on 14 June 2008.,

Istanbul Gelisim University was established with the step taken on behalf of becoming a "world university" with 3 Faculties, 3 Graduate Schools, 4 Schools and 1 vocational school in the 2015-2016 academic year with the law numbered 6114 dated 17 February 2011. Growing every year by making solid steps forward with the goal of becoming an arbiter university in the world Istanbul Gelisim University, one of Turkey's most preferred universities.

A total of 57 programs of Istanbul Gelisim University, which cooperates with leading organizations in their fields to achieve global success and attaches great importance to internationalization, have been examined in detail by international delegations commissioned by German, British and American accreditation organizations such as AQAS, AHPGS, ABET and PEARSON and accredited. Istanbul Gelisim University succeeding in becoming Turkey’s university with the most accredited programs has attracted worldwide attention with the steps taken to become international.

IGU, advocating that higher education is the most important tool for sustainable development, today it offers to its national and international students education opportunities in 3 Faculties, 3 Schools, 2 Vocational schools 78 bachhelor's Programs, 63 associate degree daytime programs, 37 associate degree night programs, 27 thesis / 22 non-thesis graduate programs, and 6 Ph.D. programs. Collaborating with more than 100 world universities, Istanbul Gelisim University motivates undergraduate, associate degree, graduate and doctoral students to become international.

Istanbul Gelisim University locates in Istanbul - Turkey’s and the world's financial and trade center- campus area, offering huge research complex consisting of over 100 laboratories to the service of its students. There are also 17 research centers and 78 student clubs that allow students to participate in social, cultural, scientific and sporting activities outside the classroom. Within the rapidly growing and developing dynamic structure of our university, our cooperation with our external stakeholders would make us happy.

Undergraduate Programs

FACULTY OF FINE ARTSInterior ArchitectureTurkish4
Interior Architecture and Environmental DesignTurkish4
Communication DesignTurkish4
Fashion And Textile DesignTurkish4
Cinema and TelevisionTurkish4
Economics and FinanceTurkish4
Public Relations and PresentationTurkish4
Aviation ManagementEnglish4
Aviation ManagementTurkish4
English Language and LiteratureEnglish4
Business AdministrationEnglish4
Radio, Television and Cinema (Turkish)Turkish4
Political Science and Public AdministrationTurkish4
Political Science and International RelationsEnglish4
Political Science and International RelationsTurkish4
Tourism GuidanceTurkish4
Turkish Language and LiteratureTurkish4
International Management and TradeTurkish4
International Logistics and TransportationEnglish4
International Logistics and TransportationTurkish4
International TradeEnglish4
International TradeTurkish4
New MediaTurkish4
FACULTY OF ENGINEERING AND ARCHI- TECTUREManagement Information SystemsTurkish4
Computer EngineeringTurkish4
Electrical & Electronic EngineeringTurkish4
Industrial EngineeringTurkish4
 Civil EngineeringEnglish4
Civil EngineeringTurkish4
Mechatronics EngineeringTurkish4
FACULTY OF HEALTH SCIENCENutrition and DieteticsEnglish4
Nutrition and DieteticsTurkish4
Child DevelopmentEnglish4
Child DevelopmentTurkish4
Physiotherapy and RehabilitationEnglish4
Physiotherapy and RehabilitationTurkish4
 Orthesis-Prosthesis (Turkish)Turkish4
Perfusion (Turkish)Turkish4
Social ServicesEnglish4
Social Services (Turkish)Turkish4
Health Management (Turkish)Turkish4
SCHOOL OF APPLIED SCIENCEBanking ve Insurance (Turkish)Turkish4
Gastronomy (English)English4
Gastronomy (Turkish)Turkish4
Public Relations and Advertising (Turkish)Turkish4
Aviation Management (Turkish)Turkish4
Business Information Management (Turkish)Turkish4
Logistics (Turkish)Turkish4
Media and Communication (Turkish)Turkish4
Restoration and Conservation (Turkish)Turkish4
Social Services (Turkish)Turkish4
Television News and Programming (Turkish)Turkish4
Aircraft Mechanic Engine MaintenanceTurkish4
International Trade (Turkish)Turkish4

Graduate Programs

GRADUATE PROGRAMSAddiction Psychology (Thesis)Turkish 2
Economy And Finance (Thesis)Turkish2
Economy And Finance (Non-Thesis)Turkish1,5
Visual Communication Design (Thesis)Turkish2
Visual Communication Design (Non-Thesis)Turkish1,5
Security Studies (Thesis)Turkish2
Public Relations And Publicity (Non-Thesis)Turkish1,5
Business Administration (Thesis)Turkish2
Business Administration (Non-Thesis)Turkish1,5
Clinical Psychology (Thesis)Turkish2
Clinical Psychology (Non-Thesis)Turkish1,5
Psychology (Thesis)Turkish2
Psychology (Non Thesis)Turkish1,5
Healthcare Organizations Management (Thesis)Turkish2
Healthcare Organizations Management (Non-Thesis) Turkish1,5
Political Science And international Relations (Thesis) Turkish2
Political Science And international Relations (Non-Thesis) Turkish1,5
Sociology (Non-Thesis)Turkish1,5
Sociology (Thesis)Turkish2
New Media, Communication And Journalism (Thesis) Turkish2
Electrical And Electronics Engineering (Thesis)Turkish2
Electrical And Electronics Engineering (Thesis)English2
Civil Engineering (Thesis/Non Thesis)Turkish2
Occupational Health And Safety (Thesis)Turkish2
INSTITUTE OF HEALTH SCIENCEMechatronics Engineering (Thesis)Turkish2
International Logistics And Transportation (Non Thesis) Turkish1,5
Nutrition And Dietetics (Non Thesis)Turkish1,5
Exercise And Training Sciences (Thesis)Turkish2
Exercise And Training Sciences (Non Thesis)Turkish1,5
Healthcare Management (Non Thesis)Turkish1,5
Healthcare Management (Thesis)Turkish2
Sports Management (Non Thesis)Turkish1,5
Sports Management (Thesis)Turkish2

Important Notes

Tuition fee will be paid by 2 installments per year. The first installment is 1000$.

Tution Fee Refunds

Pre-payment is only refundable in case of proved visa rejection. The transaction cost of the refund belongs to the applicant.

Admission Dates

Spring intakes for master and Ph.D: November-january each year. Courses for spring Semester starts on mid of February.
Fall intakes for all Degrees: April to September each year. Courses for Fall Semester begins in the mid-September or early October. Apply this University directly via SOAM The followıng documents are requıred to be sent via eman to soam.educinfo@gmail.com

Is there is another payment?

No. There is no any application fee or Commission Fee.

Apply this University directly via SOAM

The following documents are required to be sent via email to soam.educinfo@gmail.com

or Bachelor and associate Degree

  • Certificate
  • Transcript
  • Passport
  • Photo

For master and Ph.D.

  • Passport
  • Bachelor's Diploma (notarised and translated in Turkish or English)
  • Bahelor's Transcript (notarised and translated in Turkish or English)
  • Photo