Yukarı Çık

Istanbul Ticaret Université

“Local Identity, Global Vision”

Adopting the concepts “Local Identity, Global Vision” as a principle, Istanbul Commerce University was founded in 2001 with the strong support of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. With its 138-year history and business people representing the half of Turkish Economy, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce is one of the most powerful chambers of the world. Istanbul Commerce University who combines the university with the business world, has been preparing its students to the future with more than 245 professional and prominent faculty members.

Cultural Zeitgeist

The University is in the center of Istanbul, which is one of the worl capitals of culture . Campuses are located in Kucukyali and Sutluce on the shore of Golden Horn, the historical peninsula in the midst of historical locations, almost beside the commercial centers. With six faculties, Graduate Schools of: Social Sciences, Science and Engineering, Finance and Foreign Trade and English Preparation school, Istanbul Commerce University has an important place in the academic world with national and international activities held each year, with its academic studies as well as its publications.


Istanbul Commerce University, one of the first foundation universities of Turkey, has privileged training programs, professional and prominent faculty members, technical facilities. Our university started education in 2001-2002 academic year with 73 students, celebrating its 19th anniversary with students counting now more than 6741.

Relations publiques et publicité ANGLAIS 4
Psychologie ANGLAIS 4
Sociologie ANGLAIS 4
Gestion de l'aviation ANGLAIS 4
Économie ANGLAIS 4
Conception de la communication visuelle TURC 4
Médias et communication ANGLAIS 4
Sciences politiques et relations internationales ANGLAIS 4
Économie ANGLAIS 4
Bancaire et finance ANGLAIS 4
La gestion TURC 4
Administration des affaires Commerce international ANGLAIS 4
Architecture ANGLAIS 4
Génie électrique et électronique Génie civil ANGLAIS 4
Logistique internationale TURC 4
Architecture intérieure et design environnemental TURC 6
Ingénierie informatique ANGLAIS 4
Ingénierie industriel ANGLAIS 4
Génie mécatronique ANGLAIS 4
Administration des affaires (sans thèse) ANGLAIS 2
Administration des affaires (thèse) ANGLAIS 2
Économie ANGLAIS 2