Yukarı Çık

İstanbul Ticaret University

“Local Identity, Global Vision”

Adopting the concepts “Local Identity, Global Vision” as a principle, Istanbul Commerce University was founded in 2001 with the strong support of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. With its 138-year history and business people representing the half of Turkish Economy, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce is one of the most powerful chambers of the world. Istanbul Commerce University who combines the university with the business world, has been preparing its students to the future with more than 245 professional and prominent faculty members.

Cultural Zeitgeist

The University is in the center of Istanbul, which is one of the worl capitals of culture . Campuses are located in Kucukyali and Sutluce on the shore of Golden Horn, the historical peninsula in the midst of historical locations, almost beside the commercial centers. With six faculties, Graduate Schools of: Social Sciences, Science and Engineering, Finance and Foreign Trade and English Preparation school, Istanbul Commerce University has an important place in the academic world with national and international activities held each year, with its academic studies as well as its publications.


Istanbul Commerce University, one of the first foundation universities of Turkey, has privileged training programs, professional and prominent faculty members, technical facilities. Our university started education in 2001-2002 academic year with 73 students, celebrating its 19th anniversary with students counting now more than 6741.

Undergraduate Programs

FACULTY OF LAWFaculty of LawTurkish4
FACULTY OF COMMUNICATIONVisual Communication DesignTurkish4
Public Relations and AdvertisingTurkish4
Media and Communication30% English4
Political Science and International Relations30% English4
FACULTY OF BUSINESSBanking and Finance30% English4
Aviation ManagementTurkish4
Business AdministrationEnglish4
International Logistics30% English4
International Trade30% English4
FACULTY OF ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGNInterior Architecture and Environmental Design30% English4
FACULTY OF ENGINEERINGComputer Engineering30% English4
Electrical & Electronic EngineeringEnglish4
Industrial Engineering30% English4
Civil EngineeringTurkish4
Mechatronics EngineeringEnglish4

Graduate Programs

GRADUATE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SCIENCESBusiness Administration (Thesis)Turkish2
Business Administration (non-Thesis)English1,5
Business Administration (non-Thesis)Turkish1,5
Business Administration (Thesis)English2
Economics (non-Thesis)English1,5
Economics (Thesis)English2
Public Relations (non-Thesis)Turkish1,5
Public Relations (ThesisTurkish2
Applied Sociology (non-Thesis)Turkish1,5
Industrial Policy and Technology Management (Thesis) Turkish2
Media and Communication Systems (non-Thesis)Turkish1,5
Media and Communication Systems (ThesisTurkish2
Accounting and Auditing (non-Thesis)Turkish1,5
International Relations (non-Thesis)Turkish1,5
Accounting and Auditing (Thesis)Turkish2
International Relations (Thesis)Turkish2
Logistics ManagementTurkish2
Human Resources Management (ThesisTurkish2
Human Resources Management (non-Thesis)Turkish1,5
Tourism AdministrationTurkish2
Advertising and Strategic Brand CommunicationsTurkish2
Digital Economy and Marketing (non-Thesis)Turkish1,5
Industrial Policy and Technology ManagementTurkish2
Applied PsychologyTurkish2
Private Law (non-Thesis)Turkish1,5
Public Law (non-Thesis)Turkish1,5
African Studies and International Relations (Thesis) English2
African Studies and International Relations (non-Thesis)English1,5
GRADUATE SCHOOL OF SCIENCESMechatronics Engineering (Thesis)English2
Mechatronics Engineering (non-Thesis)English1,5
Computer Engineering (Thesis)English2
Computer Engineering (non-Thesis)English1,5
Electronics and Communication Engineering (non-Thesis)Turkish1,5
Electronics and Communication Engineering (Thesis) Turkish2
Management Engineering (Thesis)English2
Management Engineering (non-Thesis)English1,5
Mechatronics Engineering (non-Thesis)Turkish1,5
Computer Engineering (non-Thesis)Turkish1,5
Mechatronics Engineering (Thesis)Turkish2
Computer Engineering (Thesis)Turkish2
Cyber Security (non-Thesis)Turkish1,5
Industrial Engineering (non-Thesis)Turkish1,5
Cyber Security (Thesis)Turkish2
Industrial Engineering (Thesis)Turkish2
Mathematics (non-Thesis)Turkish1,5
Statistics (non-Thesis)Turkish1,5
Mathematics (Thesis)Turkish2
Statistics (Thesis)Turkish2
Urban Systems and Transportation Management (Thesis) Turkish2
Urban Systems and Transportation Management (non-Thesis) Turkish1,5
Jewellery Engineering (non-Thesis)Turkish1,5
Jewellery Engineering (Thesis)Turkish2
Occupational Health and Safety (ThesisTurkish2
Occupational Health and Safety (non-Thesis)Turkish1,5
Interior Architecture (Thesis)Turkish2
Interior Architecture (non-Thesis)Turkish1,5
Real Estate Development, Urban Regeneration and Planning (Thesis) Turkish2
Fashion and Textile DesignTurkish2
FOREIGN TRADE International Trade (Thesis/non-Thesis)English2
International Trade (Thesis/non-Thesis)Turkish2
Commercial Diplomacy (Thesis)Turkish2
Global Marketing & Brand Management (Thesis)Turkish2
Global Marketing & Brand Management (non-Thesis)Turkish1,5
International Commercial Law and the European Union (non-Thesis) Turkish1,5
International Commercial Law and the European Union (Thesis) Turkish2
GRADUATE SCHOOL OF FOREIGN TRADEInternational Finance (non-Thesis)English1,5
International Finance (Thesis)English2
International Banking and Finance (Thesis)Turkish2
International Banking and Finance (non-Thesis)Turkish1,5
Insurance and Risk Management (Turkish)Turkish1,5
Capital MarketsTurkish2
PH.D. IN SOCIAL SCIENCESBusiness AdministrationTurkish4
Business AdministrationEnglish4
Accounting and AuditingTurkish4
Private LawTurkish4
Political Science and International RelationsTurkish4
PH.D. IN SCIENCE AND ENGINEERINGMechatronics EngineeringEnglish4
Electronics and Communication EngineeringEnglish4
Mechatronics EngineeringTurkish4
Computer EngineeringTurkish4
Industrial EngineeringTurkish4
Jewellery EngineeringTurkish4
Occupational Health and SafetyTurkish4
PH.D. IN FORIEGN TRADEInternational TradeTurkish4
International Trade & The European Union LawTurkish4
PH.D. IN SCHOOL OF FINANCEFinancial EconomicsTurkish4

Tution Fee payments

Tuition fee will be paid by 2 installments per year. The first installment is 1500$ for Master Degree and Ph.D. and for Bachelor Degree its 2000$.

Tution Fee Refunds

Pre-payment is refundable.

Admission Dates

Spring intakes for master and Ph.D: November January each year. Courses for spring Semester starts on mid of February.

Fall intakes for all Degrees: April to September each year. Courses for Fall Semester begins in the mid-September or early October.

Is there is another payment?

No. There is no any application fee or Commission Fee.

Apply this University directly via SOAM

The following documents are required to be sent via email to soam.educinfo@gmail.com

For Bachelor and associate Degree

  • Certificate
  • Transcript
  • Passport
  • Photo

For master and Ph.D.

  • Certificate
  • Transcript
  • Passport
  • Photo

Must Read: Students applying for PhD programs must submit English language proficiency test results while applying, otherwise his/her application will not be accepted. For diplomas awarded abroad, a copy of the diploma equivalency certificate issued by YOK's International Equivalency Office, certifying the equivalency of the diploma to that of a Turkish higher education institution (the letter of equivalence must be submitted by the end of the first semester).