Yukarı Çık

Who We Are?


SOAM EDUC is an exclusive admissions and coordination agency for more than 30 universities in Turkey, Tunisia, the United States and Poland. We cover the educational needs of our students by connecting to their predetermined universities and give the necessary consultations regarding their areas of study interested in universities.

With more than 2 years of collective experience helping foreign students to enter highly reputable foreign universities, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you attend the right school at an affordable price.

Whether you are interested in an Associate Degree, a Bachelor Degree, a Master Degree or a Ph.D (Doctorate), we have more than 30 partner universities who can provide you with the training you are looking for.


SOAM Educ offers a high percentage of scholarship up to -50% on tuition fees per year.

We also help you find a dorm near your university right after your airport reception. You will have other alternatives for accommodation (such as hotels, and apartments).

You will be able to benefit from quality health insurance throughout your training. We support you in your residence permit procedures.


Studying abroad, that is, going to high school or university abroad is a great way to boost your studies. This requires a good deal of courage and commitment.

All students will sooner or later experience the need and desire to want to study abroad. A student studying abroad will learn and discover a lot in a short period of time. For a student, studying abroad has many advantages:

  • Learn a language abroad
  • Discover a different culture
  • meet people from all over the world
  • learn independence and autonomy
  • open the doors to a wider professional world
  • facilitate your travel plans

Studying abroad involves challenges and satisfactions and we will accompany you throughout the journey so that your investment pays off.


  • We help international students find highly reputable public or private universities, by offering them various study programs in an environment that suits them.
  • Offer innovative study options to global destinations
  • Broaden the academic, life and work perspectives of students
  • Promote global awareness.
  • Encourage personal development and lay the foundations for foreign students to become engaged and independent citizens of the world.


  • Apply to the University
  • Select programs
  • Get a Scholarship
  • Visa application
  • Airport picking up
  • Health Insurance
  • Translation
  • Residence permit
  • Dorms or apartments
  • Shopping